Monday, February 15, 2010

BBC1 Inside Out

Inside Out

Monday 15 February 2010
7:30pm, BBC1 (London region only)
'Inside Out'

UPDATE: November 2010
Please note that David is no longer searching for information about Richard Hamer. We are no longer of the opinion that Richard Hamer was linked to David in any way. David would like to thank everyone who helped him to eliminated Richard Hamer from his search.

Does David's story resonate with you?
Do you have friends or relatives who lived in North End Road, Golders Green, London in 1960?
Do they remember when David was found in West Heath Court?

His story was publicised on the front pages of the Daily Mail and the Hendon Times at the time.

We are desperate to hear from anyone who can remember David's story from when it first came to light in December 1960. All residents of the block where David was left have since passed away, but we hope that they may have said something to a living friend or relative that will give David some additional clues about why he was left in West Heath Court, exactly when and by whom.

If you have any information, no matter how trivial or unimportant you may think it is, David would love to hear from you. Please email him at

David would like to give special thanks to the current residents of West Heath Court for their patience and support.

David would also like to stress that the main purpose of his search is to find out more about why he was left in West Heath Court in particular. David was raised by a loving, supportive family who fully support his search for information about his birth parents.

David is fascinated to know why he was left on the second floor of a locked block of flats with apparently no witness to him being put there. If you know anything at all, please drop David a line at